We at South Street Clinic, LLC are committed to working with our clients to help them understand their financial responsibility.

Our fees for services are based on several factors, such as the clinician's training and the type of service provided. Our independent clinicians establish their own fees which are consistent with the usual and customary fees for our geographical area. We provide you with this information prior to or at the initial visit.

For those clients with third-party insurance, we will verify your potential benefits, obtain pre-authorization (if required) and file claims on your behalf. Most insurance companies reimburse depending on the insurance plan you or your employer have selected. We will collect co-payment/co-insurance at each visit, as verified with your insurance. We will collect deductibles after we are notified that you are responsible for paying them. We accept cash, checks, and Visa and MasterCard credit cards. We file insurance claims as a courtesy and we do our best to assist you with determining your out-of-pocket expense.

If you do not have insurance or prefer not to utilize your insurance, we will be glad to make arrangements for you as a private pay client. Typically, we require a payment at each visit in a pre-arranged amount and monthly statements are mailed out to help you stay current. Please keep in mind that all charges are your responsibility regardless of wheather you utilize insurance or not.

We are committed to working with our client and will help you manage your financial obligations to the South Street Clinic, LLC.